3 full days early June as a gift for your well-being , your mental health and your growth as a human being!

3 full days ... to ground yourself, learn to re-balance, adapt and keep your focus.

The resources that enable us to reveal our true nature, to accept all facets of our being, to dare to live fully, are built in our blueprint.

Our life experience has led us to develop some resources, while others have remained hidden, repressed or underdeveloped.

This workshop will allow you to find and develop the resources you need to continue to unfold.

Come and join us for this workshop where we will move, explore, share, learn and grow.

More info on Lucie on her website www.lucienerot.com (French and English)

⫸Language : guidance both in English and French + ad hoc translation in German. 

⫸Location : Basel, Quba Center , easy walking 10’ or tram 3’ from train station Bachlettenstrasse 12- 4054 Basel

⫸ Registration here:  RESOURCES workshop - Basel June 2022


⫸ Price - see flyer: Please note that the early bird is by May 4th (see flyer). There is also the possibility to have a crew/team member at an advantageous price, please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested.


We are very happy to have the super big lightly BIG Quba room...and we choose June timing to be far away from a COVID peak. No worries : if, for a COVID reason, you are prevented from coming, we will adapt the cancellation rules for all. 


Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions related to the workshop (content and format) or logistics in Basel (travel, staying places...), it will be my pleasure to help you, geraldine.mercier@awene.life


Feel free as well to share the workshop info to your friends and network that will be happy to join our wonderful group !

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