To what I say YES ? Basel 14th March

A good opportunity to embody and ground your YES for 2020 as well as playing saying NO to protect your YES.

Movement workshop guided by Géraldine Mercier PhD.
Executive coach , Change and Movement catalyst.

To what I say YES in my life in 2020? A transition to a new year invites us to pause and to self-reflect of what we want to change or not, to sort and to put in more or less in our life.
2020 is here. How am I going to use this time and space in front of me FOR ME consciously? How am I going to make the best use of my time to say YES to what is important to me? And NO to what is not?

Join us to move, self-reflect and share : a disruptive workshop format !

We learn quicker, deeper and long-term when we are involved and in movement using the body intelligence. Having a space to move freely and consciously, a space with no right and no worng, a space to play, explore and learn. A space to dare to be yourself, to re-discover who you are with all your self-states.
A space to feel that nothing is fixed, to go step by step  from a movement to another, to feel what is there, here and now, to let it go trusting your body and life energy.

Open Floor Movement Practice is a lively, full-on movement inquiry dedicated to the art of becoming fully present in our body; being rooted and sensitive, alive and at home in our own skin - both physically and emotionally, mindfully and spiritually.
Before words, movement was our first language and way humanity related to the world and each other.
We move because we need to self-express, to connect to others, to create, to experience emotional fluidity, mindfulness and joy!

The movement as experiental learning about how I relate to me and others.


Registration info below

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REGISTRATION: by email, or phone +33 6 87 87 33 44 (whatsapp)

PRICE: early bird 75CHF (until Feb 29th), after 90CHF. Cash on site or bank transfer before (IBAN on request)
Coming with someone new: both will pay 65 CHF each (as early bird) or 75 CHF (after Feb 29th)

Timing: 3pm to 6pm (door opens at 2:45) Option : drinks after at Don Camillo to extend the time together!


  • TANZ RAUM: Warteck Building, entrance "TREBERLAGER" Burgwerg street side, same entrance than Bosser bike's shop, then stairs and 2nd floor.
  • Adress : Warteck Burgweg 15, Basel

What to bring: water, confortable clothes we can move with, dedicated space to change yourself, your favorite Notebook.

Insurance: under your private responsibility


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