Since my childhood I move and dance. It's my birth gift that accompanies me on my journey through life.

Starting in my childhood with intense ballet and gymnastics lessons, then in my 3 years of training to movement teacher and -therapy, intensified during the professional training at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance and bewegungs-art in Freiburg and with many workshops and training in improvisation, contact improvisation and contemporary dance, as well as performances in Switzerland and abroad.

Over time, 2 main interests crystallized in my work. On the one hand I work artistically - for 4 years I lead my own Dance Company

betweenlines - on the other hand I am fascinated by the body with his creative healing power that can be set in motion and bring teach us so much . This unfiltered energy that flows in dance through us and with us in all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – and brings us in connection.

This fascination led me to the work of Anna Halprin, Gabrielle Roth, Vinn Marti and many more, and finally to Open Floor, where I am currently teacher in training.

In my classes I give room for individuality. Providing space for all that, that has no words to open into your dance. I am creating a save space and lead the sessions with clarity, feeling, openness and curiosity.

Welcome - The floor is open