Devi is a Psychotherapist (practicing Biosynthesis holistic and somatic Psychotherapy), as well as a Movement and Qi Gong therapist. She studied Literature and Esthetics in Belgrade and worked as

a teacher for a long time. Through Yoga, Thai Chi and Qi Gong, all of which she has been practicing since her youth, she discovered the body as an essential source and got inspired to study somatic psychotherapy. When she got acquainted with the work of Andrea Juhan (in 2001) she deeply fell in love with it. Since that time she has been dancing with great passion 5 Rhythm, resonance dance and Open Floor. Currently she is Open Floor Therapist in Training.


No matter whether she is teaching in different Schools for Psychotherapy (IBP, IEF) or giving workshops or individual sessions, she always uses body, dance and movement as essential principles for development

and growth.


Devi has a practice for couples and individuals in Chur and Zürich. She loves to combine dance, teaching

and travel, enjoys giving workshops in new places and different countries.