Mother of three adult children, body-psychotherpist (IBP) and psychiatrist (medicin/FMH, NLP, PoP (Arnold Mindell), trauma-psychotherapist (J.B.Schmidt) teacher for meditation and breathing (Bob Moore, Herta Richter, Indira Daehr), 2011 authorized teacher for 5Rhythms by Gabrielle Roth, continuing education with her staff, the founders of Open Floor international.


I met Andrea Juhan and the 5Rhythms in 2001. Since then, I have become a passionate dancer and continually deepening my understanding of disturbances in relationship to myself, others and the world. I have been inspired by the healing power of dance, meditation in movement and music. It has become my deep concern to widen the presence in my/our body: to be fully embodied in all aspects as human beings: physically, emotionally, mindfully & spiritually, while staying in connection with others.