Driven by my passion for the performing arts, I worked all around the world managing various shows and festivals. The creativity that lies beneath each detail of a live performance led me to this path, I was fascinated by the use of space, the way light models our realities, all these humans with different talents coming together to create a beautiful yet ephemeral work of art. As my career unfolded, I found myself moving away from the artistic dimension and giving into the structured and rational part of my being who loves being an organiser and a manager. This is when dance came into my life, igniting the creative spark once again. I discovered that dance enables people to meet and communicate without using words or facts. Dance gives space for the emotions to express themselves in softness and in intensity. Dance is the permission to experiment life in a safe environment, and to live it fully. Dance is learning to be true to oneself. Each one of us has our own and unique dance. I teach regular classes in Sion, Vevey and Genena. Please visit my website for more information.


+41 76 458 97 64