Discovering dance some years ago made me realise what a wonderful path it was for me take on my journey through life. Up to that point I was aware of my connection to my mind, body, emotions and spirit and how all of these elements put me in relation with others. Open Floor movement practice added the missing dimension I needed to bring into flower all the work I had done with meditation and personal development. My other practices also became more alive. As a serious rock climber and mountaineer I now found I had more balance and fluidity in my movement. Dance was working in all areas of my life. I decided in 2013 to become an Open Floor teacher in training so I could pass on the richness, fun and lightness I had now found through dancing. I am based in Geneva and Tammisaari Finland.


Inspired by my time at Findhorn I offer my work to people wishing to use natures dance floor in the forests and mountains to connect with the forces and spirits of nature. The "Body and soul" work I teach uses the elements in nature to create a space to explore your deeper being and bring about transformation. I offer workshops in Switzerland and Finland or upon request in other location. "Body and Soul" work can be organized for groups or individuals for as long or short a period as desired.


For many years I have also been involved with people in recovery programs. I offer Open Floor movement practice to people wishing to use dance to help support their recovery process from addiction.

I am based in Geneva and Tammisaari Finland and offer Open Floor Classes in both locations.




Switzerland. +41 796583546

Finland. +354 449135515